8 Best Chainsaw Chains Compared & Reviewed 2024

In this guide, I’ll discuss the types of chain saw chains available, how to pick one based on your needs and then review the best available so you can get the best chainsaw chain.

Overview of Our Top Choice:

Our top pick is Orgeon S56 AdvanceCut 16-Inch Chainsaw Chain. This is an excellent chain that works with a wide variety of cutting machines.

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Types Of Chainsaw Chain Designs

Scratcher’s Teeth

This is one of the earliest designs that used teeth configurations closely similar to conventional hand saws. The teeth for this design had a left, center, right, center wave pattern but no depth gauges. Limiting the cutting rate for this saw chains relied on the applied bar pressure. It also required you to use a lot of skill and time to sharpen hence taking up a lot of time.

Chipper Teeth

Joseph cox was the inventor for this chain saw whose role was to improve the performance of the scratcher chain. These are usable for dirty work for their resistance to dirt and the availability of the large working corners. Additionally, they retain their sharpness for long; therefore, you don’t need to sharpen the chains frequently.

Full Chisel Saw Chains

The entire chisel saw chain entails square corner teeth that make it easy for splitting wood. They are more sensitive to dirt but contain a high kickback risk due to their ability to operate at high speeds. You can find them on professional saws.

Semi Chisel Saw Chains

Semi chisel saw chains features teeth with rounded corners and is a bit slower than the full blade. It retains an acceptable cutting sharpness for longer, making it ideal for hardwoods, dry and dirtier woods. It is durable, therefore usable for long without damage.

It can handle woods in rough environments, making it desirable for several wood types. With the semi,-chisel comes a chain that prevents the occurrences of kickbacks, which guarantees the user’s safety.

Chipper chains

These are similar to the chisel chains but only differ in the radius size at the working corner. They have low teeth as well as safety elements between these teeth. They are insensitive to dirt but require much attention when sharpening and should be sharpened frequently.

The safety elements between the teeth prevent the occurrence of kickbacks. It can handle a variety of wood types, but their speed is still slower than the full chisel chains. This would be an ideal chisel chain for beginners as the chain type is beginner-friendly.

Factors To Consider When Buying Chainsaw Chains

Bar Length

The bar length is the length of the chainsaw, mostly indicated in inches. The bar lengths vary, and you must choose the suitable bar length for your chainsaw. Mostly these bar lengths are even-numbered from 10 inches to approximately 42 inches.

The Pitch

Every saw chain consists of rivets that hold it in place. Measuring the distance between these rivets and calculating the pitch is essential. The pitch is calculated by measuring the gap between the center rivet and the third, then divide by two. Having the proper pitch ensures that the chain remains in place for long and makes the chainsaw usable at the highest speed settings.


This can also be referred to as the gauge of the chain. For the saw chain to fit the bar properly, you should be very specific on your chain thickness. Having the proper gauge means that you can use your chainsaw at high speeds without the chain getting loose. It also makes the chain saw reliable and valid when in use.


The material of the chain should be stainless so that it does not rust even after exposure to cold conditions. It should also withstand different climatic conditions and environments for secure and reliable work performance. The material should also be long-lasting for long time use without damage.

Your chain material should be easy to set and assemble to save on the time. You can have different chainsaws; therefore, it’s wise to choose a chain that is compatible with other chainsaws.

Cutter Design

When it comes to buying a chainsaw chain, the tooth type becomes a crucial consideration. The chipper, full chisel, and semi-chisel are the standard styles. By planning how you’re going to use your tool, you’ll be able to fix the most suitable cutters. 

8 Best Chainsaw Chains Reviewed

1.  Oregon S562 AdavanceCut 16-Inch Chainsaw Chain

Oregon chain sizes up to 2cc, which makes it compatible with a variety of chainsaws. It has a unique cutter design that cuts smooth and fast with minimum kickback, enhancing your safety when in use. This saw features a top-performing chamfer chisel cutters and a notched bumper, which reduces kickback performance, good chip flow, and smooth cutting action.

It features four-way symmetrical tie straps which simplify the joining of chain loops. The twin corners of the cutters on the chain deliver superior performance on the many popular saws which use low profile 3/8 inches pitch chain. It has a lubric designed to provide the best possible lubrication for your saw chain.

Oregon chain electroplate has a layer of industrial hard chrome, which delivers a harder surface and better wear resistance, making sure the chain stays sharper. Fits with craftsman, echo, home lite, Poulan, and Remington chainsaws, increasing its usability.


  • Low lubrication
  • Long-lasting
  • Lubritec lubrication system
  • Safe to use


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

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2.  Huasqvarna Chainsaw Chain 18-Inch

Husqvarna chainsaw chain is available in a variety of colors, giving you a chance to choose your favorite color. A low kickback feature makes it ideal for use at high speed and ensuring for your safety. It’s a small vibration chain that makes it easy to use and increases the performance with fewer vibrations.

The lightweight chain feature ensures that it does not make the chainsaw weighty. Additionally, for its lightweight, it is ideal for use with the small-sized chainsaws. The anti-kickback chain feature guarantees maximum safety when using your chainsaw. Husqvarna chainsaw chain superior design guarantees for its durability for long time service. 

You can easily optimize your chainsaw with these chains to maximize their performance. It also provides effortless and fast cutting; therefore, it is time-saving. You don’t require an expert to sharpen your chains as they are easy to sharpen, which you can do by yourself. Available gauge ensures that you can use the chainsaw chain at high speeds without rendering the chain loose.


  • It is light in weight
  • It’s durable
  • Has an anti-kickback chain feature
  • Has low vibration feature


  • It might not fit the Husqvarna 445 perfectly

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3.  Tallox 3 Pack Chainsaw Chain

Tallox, 3 pack chainsaw chain, has chrome coated teeth which are durable and rustproof for long-term use. Available rivets help to hold the chain tightly and have a high tolerance for frequent use. Sturdy, tempered structure and hard construction make the chain long-lasting.

The chain is 3/8 inches and is also strong enough to resist breaking. Its semi-chisel, therefore it has low kickback occurrences, maximizing the safety to use the chains on a saw. Additionally, the chain is not weighty hence usable on lightweight saws. It does not add extra weight to the chainsaw; therefore, you can carry it to your place of use effortlessly.

Tallox, a three-pack chainsaw chain, fits a 16-inch bar length for maximized performance. It is compatible with other chainsaws, which makes it easy to use as a replacement chain. With the more prominent teeth of the chain lies the strength and efficiency when in use as it can easily grind through wood quickly.  With the three chains in the pack, you can carry an extra one in case of any inconvenience with one.


  • It’s light in weight
  • Chrome coated teeth
  • Semi chisel chain
  • Great chain strength


  • No money-back guarantee

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4.  Stihl 3610 0055 Pack of 2 Chainsaw Chains

Stihl 3610005 chainsaw chains are ideal for smaller chainsaws, as most of its features are convenient for the same. Low kickback ensures your safety when using at high speed. The 16-inch chain is compatible with other models. 3/8-inch pitch ensures the chain remains in its place for long hence reducing any inconveniences from chain breaks.

Installation of this chain is straightforward with the available manual with instruction, thus making it is setting time-saving. It is long-lasting due to its sturdy construction, therefore, provides you with prolonged use. Since its compatible with a variety of chainsaws, it’s easy for you to get a chain that can perfectly fit your model type.

Stihl 3610005 chainsaw chains are light in weight; therefore, it does not add extra bulk when you fix to the chainsaw. Its high quality maximizes longevity without damage as it works well and guarantees fast deliveries. You can easily sharpen it frequently as its resistant to wear and withstands frequent sharpening processes. It has a perfect design that makes the cutting of trees effortless without you getting tired.


  • Works efficiently
  • Strong chains
  • Easy to install
  • Low kickback feature


  • Not suitable for cutting logs and hardwood trees
  • Better suited for Stihl chainsaws

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5.  SUNGATOT 3-Pack Chainsaw Chain

Sungator chain is approved and meets the ANSI standards; hence it is safe for use. Inclusion of the Semi-chisel with low kickback that guarantees your safety as you use the chainsaw. All chain cutters are plated with hard chrome that makes it resistant to wear and tear. Heat treated and quenched rivets make a more reliable connection between chain links. 

The surface of the chain is covered with anti-rust oil for better performance. Low lubrication design reduces the vibration by 20% or more, making it easy for use. This chain is compatible with most fits models and works great. It’s made of sharp teeth that are wear-resistant, guaranteeing smooth wood cutting.

Sungator chain has high affordable replacement blades. It, therefore, provides easy replacement of broken blades without much hassle. It features reduced kickback, so it is safer than other chains, thus give you the confidence to use it. It also has a semi-chisel design more tolerant of dirt and dust staying sharp for longer than other cutters.

It’s made of high-grade steel contributing to the excellent performance upon various trees and wood with its additional rustproof feature. The same saw can be equipped with different bar lengths hence eases your choice for the best bar length for the desired function.


  • Low kickback
  • Easy to install
  • Longevity
  • Fits a lot of models


  • Not suitable for cutting twigs

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6.  Oregon 571037 PowerSharp Chain and Stone, 18”

Oregon 571037 power sharp chain is compatible with the Oregon CS1500 electric saw. It features a sharpening stone that makes the cutters to sharpen on the saw quickly. With the chisel design teeth, it ensures efficient cutting, and they remain sharp. Available ramped gauges enable the smooth cutting experience.

A low kickback feature enhances safety as you use the saw. The sharpening design makes it easy to sharpen the saw chain in seconds, thus time-saving. Its light in weight; therefore, it does not add any extra weight to the saw.

Oregon 571037 power sharp chain further has balanced vibration, which makes it comfortable to use. It is super bright and does the business seconds; thus, it saves on time. Top sharpening cutters make the cutting of trees and wood effortless and energy saving since you don’t have to apply much force.


  • Sharp on purchase
  • Usable for electric saws
  • Self-sharpening feature
  • It is quieter in use


  • The sharpening stone wears away quickly
  • It’s a bit expensive

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7.  Salem Master 14 Inch Chainsaw Chain

Salem Master is compatible with other models such as McCulloch, Remington, Stihl, Home lite, Alpine, Aklo, Castle, and others. A semi-chisel design is more tolerant of dirt and dust; hence it can be used in dirty environments without damage. It has low kickback making it safer even at high speeds.

The chain is easy to sharpen; it stays sharp for long and ensures smooth cutting of the woods. Available quenched rivets enable proper and robust connection of the chain. The hard chrome that coats these chains makes them wear-resistant and durable for long time use. Salem master is easy to install and does not require any extra tools to set, making it time-saving.

Sharp teeth are resistant to wear, which makes them durable for use over a long period. Additionally, these teeth ensure smooth cutting of woods due to their sharpness. Available high-grade steel ensures excellent performance on forest and trees. This chain is coated with anti-rust oil, which makes it resistant to rust, making them usable even in cold climatic conditions.


  • Cuts smoothly
  • Easy to install
  • It is long-lasting
  • Has a semi-chisel design


  • It’s lightweight
  • It does not fit a 14” Echo chainsaw

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8.  WORX 50022070 WA0161 6-inch Chainsaw Chain

This is one of the best chainsaw chains for JaySaws and also provides remarkable functionality when paired with compatible models. The chain is primarily designed for the WG JawSaw models (307, 308, 320, and 321). It is also compatible with the black and decker alligator lopper chainsaw and features 27 teeth with a ¼-inch pitch.

The rugged steel chainsaw chain has 42 chain links and offers great value for money if you seek durable, functional chains for your cutting dynamo. It is also designed to minimize kickback and will significantly reduce chain sharpening downtime. WA0161 boasts high-quality design materials and a secure fit that will ensure safety in your workspace. It perfectly fits the Alligator Lopper Chainsaw, one of the popular saws used in tree maintenance and firewood cutting.


  • Great value for money
  • Affordable and durable
  • Compatible with all JawSaw chainsaw models
  • Fits securely


  • Does not suit heavy-duty cutting

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Our Verdict

Chainsaw chains come in a variety, and its best that you choose one that suits your use. With the above factors that you need to consider when buying, you should ensure that all are found. Some chainsaws are convenient for smaller sized chain saws while others are ideal for bigger chainsaws.

Our top pick is Orgeon S56 AdvanceCut 16-Inch Chainsaw Chain. This is an excellent chain that works with a wide variety of cutting machines. The chain is engineered for maximum safety and comfort and it produces minimal kickback and vibration for straightforward use.

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Looking for the best chainsaw chains for your craft projects? In this guide, we’ll discuss the types of chain saw chains available, how to pick one based on your needs and then review the best available so you can get the best chainsaw chain.