Top 10 Best Garden Angel Statue 2020

KiaoTime l Set of 2 Resin Adorable Cherubs Angels Statues

Stunning and elegant, guardian angel statues make for an eye-catching focal point in your garden. So it’s not surprising when you learn they’re one of the most popular types of garden statues.

However, there are so many designs and types it can make your head spin.

Luckily for you, I’ve gone ahead and put together this guide on my top 10 angel statues and highlighted the key features you need to know so you can pick the best one for your garden.

Let’s get into it.

Product Overview Table for Guardian Angel Statues

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1. Napco 11293 Memorial Plaque with Sleeping Angel Garden Statue

The Napco Memorial Plaque guardian angel statue features a sleeping angel on top of a rock with an inscription quote. Having this memorial plaque in your yard is one way to honor a loved one or a family member who has passed away. 

The quote written on the plaque reads, “When someone you Love Becomes a Memory, The Memory Becomes a Treasure.” The beautiful statue is made of high-quality resin material. The material used in this piece ensures durability and long-lasting quality.

Napco Memorial Plaque guardian angel measures 12.5×6.75 inches and is medium-sized. No other statue can genuinely honor and grace the treasured memory of a loved one than this beautiful memorial plaque statue. 

Your loved one would be truly touched with how you chose to commemorate or keep their memory alive. Putting a guardian angel statue in your outdoor landscape or near the pool would be a nice touch to any home. 

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2. Design Toscano Ascending Angel Sculpture

The Ascending Angel sculpture from the Design Toscano, the premier source for antique replicas and statues. Design Toscano is well known for its collection of attractive angel sculpture and ancient statues. 

The angel appears looking up, with her hand on her chest below the neck and the other one its side. The angel looks robust, beautiful, and peaceful.  This angel piece is designed with great attention to detail. It’s hand-cast using real crushed stones and quality resin material that shows a realistic faux stone finish.  

Manually hand-painted sculpture adds a touch of beautiful heritage and traditions. An enchanting angel would be the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor garden. 

Design Toscano Ascending Angel Sculpture measures 9.1 x 8.5 x 23.4 inches and weighs around 8.69 pounds. It holds a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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3. Joseph’s Studio 16″ Kneeling Angel Garden Statue

A beautiful guardian angel statue and piece that is manufactured by Joseph’s Studio. The angel piece looks like a young child that is kneeling and praying for something.

The angel statue measures 5.5x8x16 inches and weighs 2.75 pounds. It’s suitable with a religious theme or a vintage style, and it’s available in brown color. This statue is super lightweight that you can quickly move it around and place it as you see fit. Place it near the pool or in the corner of your garden as they will look amazing just about anywhere.

With this adorable statue, you can start your day with a smile as this angel piece is so pleasing to the eyes. Joseph’s studio always creates statues that would go beyond your expectations.

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4. Little Cherub Angel and Robin 6 x 6-inch Resin Stone Garden Statue Figurine

Roman Inc. is the top-most selling manufacturer of high-quality statues and decorative items. They offer a wide array of inspirational design pieces that genuinely captivates and connects with the heart. 

Little Cherub Angel is made of high-quality resin stoneware. This angel statue piece appears smiling with a bird on her hands. There’s also an engraved inscription on the side of her angel wings that read “Little deeds of kindness little deeds of love… Make our world an Eden like the heaven above. J Carney”

A lovely treasure for your garden is also a great thoughtful gift for your loved one. The statue measures 6x6x5.5 inches and weighs just 0.9 pounds. The shipping weight is around 1.6 pounds, so lightweight and compact.

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5. WalterDrake Cherub Garden Statue

The Cherub Garden Statue from the renowned manufacturer Walter Drake is popular among Christians and non-Christians alike. This piece is crafted using quality resin material to ensure lasting durability. It’s also designed to be safe to display both indoor and outdoor. 

The angel statue shows a loveable angel with his eyes closed and hands together, seemingly praying peacefully. The beautifully designed garden statue is perfect for the garden, lawn, and entryway. The cherub garden statue measures 7″H x 7″W and weighs 1.25 pounds. 

Like the Napco Angel statue, this angel garden statue can be a great memorial piece to honor your loved ones who passed away.

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6. KiaoTime l Set of 2 Resin Adorable Cherubs Angels Statues Figurine

A set of angel statue from Kiao time features two charming and adorable cherubs that are sleeping soundly. Having this angel statue can be a thoughtful way to mark the memory of your dearly departed pets and loved ones. You can also give this as a gift or a present. These angel statues are the perfect display in any part of your home. Be it inside your house or in your garden or backyard. 

The mesmerizing sleeping angel measures 4.25×3.25 inches and weighs 10.4 ounces. It’s made of a resin material that is known to be both impact and water-resistant. It’s perfectly suitable for display outdoors.

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7. Northlight Set of 3 Sitting Cherub Angel Decorative Outdoor Garden Statues 11″

Northlight manufactures the Set of 3 Sitting Angels. It features three adorable cherubs expressing their thoughts in three different ways. The first angel is on his knees and has both hands together like he’s praying. The second angel is listening intently as his left cheek is hanging in his left hand. The third one has both his hands under his chin.

Place them in the lawn, garden, outdoor, or roadways; these angles are perfect for anywhere. The statues are pleasing to the eyes, and they can lighten up anyone’s mood. These angels would be a great addition and display to your playful garden.

The angel statues weigh 15.7 pounds. They are made of polyresin material. 

Here is the following measurement of each angel statue.
Angel on knees 11″H x 9.5″W x 7.75″ D. 
Angel with one hand on face: 10.75″H x 9.5″W x 9″ D. 
Angel with two hands on his face: 10.25″H x 9″W x 9″ D.

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8. The Lakeside Collection Garden Angels with Solar Halos Praying

The Lakeside Collection is an online retail company that is known for its high-quality home decor and holiday decorations. Their garden angel statue boasts its solar halo that lights up automatically at night. It has 4 LED lights on her halo that is powered by solar. This statue is made up of cold cast ceramic, which assures its durability and longevity. It measures 7” W x 4.75” D x 11.5″ H.

This unique and gorgeous angel statue adds an extra layer of beauty to your garden. The solar halo will catch someone’s attention as it’s adorable and sweet to look at.

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9. Alpine Angel Statue

Alpine Corporation manufactured this exquisite angel statue with beautiful textures and details that are so nice to look at. It provides a peaceful, elegant, and relaxing ambiance. Whenever you look at it, it seems calm, and it gives serenity. It can be a great display not only in your garden but on the deck, patio, or porch as well. 

The best thing about this angel statue, it comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can be confident that this piece won’t wear out quickly. It’s rust-resistant, weatherproof, and durable. The finish is painted in natural gray stone color and was voluntarily cracked to provide a  realistic and natural element.

The angel statue measures 12″W x 16″ D x 31″H and weighs 17.07 pounds.

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10. Moonrays 92367 Serene Angel Garden Statue with Crackle Globe & Solar Powered White Ledstone

Moonrays Serene Angel Statue features the glow in the dark lights with no candles or cords required. What’s so great is that solar-powered. The adorable statue will bring you happiness with its unique features and pleasant appearance no matter where you are.

The statue comes with the light sensor and automatic charging mode, which enables it to run continually. If you’re looking for a gift to send to a loved one in a different location, this item is a perfect gift, as it only weighs 1.65 pounds so it will cost less when you ship it anywhere.

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What To Look For in Garden Angel Statues?

Elevating the look and feel of your garden is challenging and yet exciting. If you’re leaning for victorian garden and landscaping design, guardian angel statues and cherubs are without a doubt an excellent choice of decoration. Put the guardian angel statues together with the green lushes, a valley of flowers, and stunning backyard garden waterfall, and you’ll have a beautiful view just outside your house. 

Choose a genuinely beautiful angel statue for you to put in the garden or your home. Relish the money you spent on elegant decoration by selecting a piece that reflects your taste, style, and personality. 

There are multiple options you can find in the online market, so be extra patient in finding the right one that suits you. We’ve listed down the factors to consider to help you choose the best garden angel statue for your home.

Size of the Statue

 A garden angel statue comes in any size. The size indicates the overall dimension of the garden angel statue, that’s width, height, and depth.  Be sure to use the measuring tape because not all garden angel statues have the same sizes. There are different garden angel statues available on the market that comes with different height and width. 

Imagine you end up purchasing a garden angel statue that is too large for a comparatively small outdoor garden. 

Know the size of the garden and assess the sufficient height and width of the angel statue before choosing which one to purchase.

Type of Material

Each material has its unique features, and the durability of the statue depends on the care and maintenance that you intend to do. The demand for the garden angel statue has increased over the years, and so different materials have come up from different manufacturers. 

Just like any product, the angel statues are evolving into much more durable, stylish, and long-lasting sculptures. You can choose not only the type of material these angel statues are made of but also a different finish.

Concrete or Marble Stone

A garden angel statue that is stone carved using marble or concrete is one of the most durable and most commonly used figures in the world today. Unlike most of the products, this type of garden angel statues requires minimal maintenance. 

For maintenance, all you have to do is wash it with mild soap, warm water, and a scrubber. Concrete or marble stone is more durable than cast iron or bronze.

Cast Iron or Bronze

Cast iron or bronze made statues are also durable. The advantage of choosing this type of material for a sculpture is that they are uncommon and very different.

The disadvantage though is that the material could rust or lose its color or finish if they are exposed to extreme weather for a long time. 

Another disadvantage is that if you need a large sized garden statue, it would require custom and additional fittings on the base. The added requirement is to ensure that it can carry the weight of the angel sculpture.

Resin or Plastic

If you’re choosing an angel statue made of resin or heavy-duty plastic, check the label if they’re suitable for outdoor use. Another great thing about resin or plastic angel statues is that they come with more detailed features.

Choose and assess carefully as not all resin or plastic angel statues are of good quality as it can be substandard. Statues designed and labeled for outdoor use can last longer. However, some pieces are not weather or water-resistant. Know beforehand where you are planning to place the angel statue.

Wood or Plaster of Paris

A garden angel statue made of plaster of Paris of wood is good, but if exposed to constant humidity and heat for a long time, it could wrap and break easily. We do not recommend angel statues made with this type of material if you’re planning to place them in your garden.


Garden angel statues and cherubs come in different sizes, colors, and plenty of styles. Guardian angels are just as lovely as any monumental sculpture and pieces. These angel statues are generally made of resin, plastic, and ceramic materials. The most popular choice for angel statue color is white.  A white angel represents purity and harmony. 

The best way to choose is to know from the start what type of look you’re going. Be it for a modern style, a classic style, a victorian style, or a vintage style garden.

Choose An Angel Statue That’s Right For Your Garden

When it comes to selecting the best garden angel statue, it’s all about knowing the factors to consider to get the most suitable piece for your garden. Decide based on your preference and get the best angel statue from the market today.

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