Top 10 Best Garden Angel Statue 2019 Reviews & Buying Guide

KiaoTime l Set of 2 Resin Adorable Cherubs Angels Statues

Not all believe angels but most people do believe guardian angels and want to invite them to their home. Surprisingly, there are just a few ways to find and communicate with our guardian angels. Besides, angels are meant to cure your sin, remove your worries and save your life. There are hundreds of thousands of Christians out there who still looking for perfect angels to talk with. Do you want to invite angels to your home? Yes, I do believe angels and I had purchased a beautiful Guardian angles recently. The one I purchased from Amazon is excellent and is still looking good.

Having a pretty garden doesn’t mean having a pleasant thing.  To beautify your garden, you should have your garden decorated with beautiful statues, pleasant ornaments and much more.  Garden angles come in all sizes and are designed with great innovation.  Garden angles can be pretty decorative elements and are able to enhance the look & feel of your garden when combined with green lushes, a valley of flowers and ever-running waterfalls.  Angles are mostly made of resin, plastic and ceramic materials.

Each material has its unique features and the durability of the statue is purely based on the material it is built of and the way you manage it.  These angels can come in different colours, although they are usually white. However, it is not recommended to purchase the statue in hurry. If you do so, you would end up disappointed.

So, sit back, relax and have a cup of coffee while reading the article, and obviously, you don’t need much guidance after that. Knowing the importance of purchasing guardian angels, we have handpicked some of the most beautiful angles that could add glam to your home & garden as well.

Best Garden Angel Statues Reviews 2019

1. Napco 11293 Memorial Plaque with Sleeping Angel Garden Statue, 12.5 x 6.75

Napco 11293 Memory Becomes a Treasure Memorial Plaque with Sleeping Angel Garden Statue

The Napco product of Memorial Plaque statue is something that beyond flawless.

  • The way it resting on the rocks and reads the quote “When someone you Love Becomes a Memory, The Memory Becomes a Treasure” is outstanding that grabs the heart of millions around the globe.
  • The beautiful statue is made of high-quality resin material, which ensures durability and a long lasting product.
  • The angel measures 12.5×6.75 inches and of medium size.
  • No other statue can expose the long-lasting memory of a loved one in a better way but this Memorial plaque statue.
  • Really a heart touching way to honour our loved one.
  • Having a garden without this statue is not that pleasant. Place the statue in the outdoor landscape or near the pool to set the garden on fire.


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2. Sculptural Gardens 23-Inch Guardian Angel Statuary (Color May Vary)

Sculptural Gardens 23-Inch Guardian Angel Statuary

Sculptural Garden angel is another statue that comes to your garden to add a touch of heaven. The beautiful statue comes in a variety of colours to grab your attention.

  • The manufacturer has incorporated the blend of quality and durability thus it can withstand heavy rain, storms, and unfavourable weather conditions.
  • Apart from the durability, it bears good stability to ensure the bulletproof quality. Having this sculptural angel statute make your day so special.
  • It comes with a white and dark shade that adds charm, grace and beauty to the statue.
  • Obviously, it adds charm to your garden no matter how it is. This outdoor sculpture can be placed near the pool, roadways, lawn or under the backyard tree.
  • The beautiful sculpture measures 7.2×22.5×10.8 inches and weighs around 5.36 pounds.

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3. Joseph’s Studio 16″ Kneeling Angel Garden Statue

Joseph's Studio 16 Kneeling Angel Garden Statue

This beautiful angel comes from Joseph’s Studio and is kneel down for praying something.

  • The statue measures 5.5x8x16 inches and weighs 0.16 ounces. It comes with the religious theme and available in brown color.
  • The overall product weight is 2.76 lb, thus you can lift and place it elsewhere easily. With this adorable statue, you can start your day after the blessings.
  • Simple yet medium-sized gorgeous statue that can be placed near the pool.
  • The statue is really attractive as the one pictured. The Joseph’s studio always creates statues that would beyond your expectations.

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4. Little Cherub Angel and Robin 6 x 6-inch Resin Stone Garden Statue Figurine

Little Cherub Angel and Robin 6 x 6-inch Resin Stone Garden Statue Figurine

Roman Inc. is the top-most selling manufacturer which is excelled at offering high-quality statues especially the angel one.

  • The product is made of high-quality resin stoneware and is designed with great attention to draw your neighbor’s attention.
  • A lovely treasure for your garden may become a thoughtful gift for your loved one. The statue measures 6x6x5.5 inches and weighs a few pounds.
  • The Roman manufacturer adds a touch of charm to the angel which bears Beautiful wings that says all about its thoughts & pleasure.
  • The shipping weight is around 1.6 pounds, which you can handle after go through the shipping rates & policies.

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5. WalterDrake Cherub Garden Statue

WalterDrake Cherub Garden Statue

The most attractive Cherub Garden Statute from the renowned manufacturer Walter Drake has grabbed the massive attractions of the Christians.

  • Crafted in the quality resin material, the cherub garden statue marks. It adds charm & beauty to your garden.
  • The durable design can make the statue withstands all type of outdoor conditions.
  • The beautifully designed garden statue is perfect for garden, lawn, and entryway.
  • The long-lasting garden statue measures 7″H x7″W.


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6. KiaoTime l Set of 2 Resin Adorable Cherubs Angels Statues Figurine Guardian Angel Garden Angels Sculpture Cute Angel Collection Wings Angel Memorial Statue 4.25″ (Set of 2 Cherubs)

KiaoTime l Set of 2 Resin Adorable Cherubs Angels Statues

An excellent statue from Kiao time, which has made the name for itself over the years with a wide range of alluring statues and racks collections.

  • The Angel memorial statue has its strong feelings that communicate with everyone around it. It marks a memory of your most memorable assets such as your beloved pets, beloved cars etc. with its appealing appearance, it gives an angelic presence on the go.
  • Perfect for Indoor use and Outdoor use as well. The mesmerizing sleeping angel measures 4.25×3.25 inches. A splendid way to remember your loved ones.
  • Pretty attractive and suitable for any weather conditions.

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7. Northlight Set of 3 Sitting Cherub Angel Decorative Outdoor Garden Statues 11″

Northlight Set of 3 Sitting Cherub Angel Decorative Outdoor Garden Statues 11

The herub Angels manufactured by Northlight expressing their thoughts in three different ways. These angels would definitely be an addition to your garden.

  • Be it a lawn, garden, outdoor, or roadways, these angles are perfect for anywhere. The statue is flourished with happy waves which would bring your happiness forever.
  • The set of 3 cherub Angels comprises of Angel on knees, Angel with one hand of its face and Angel with two hands on its face.
  • It costs around 79 dollars, which a high-quality brand can afford.

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8. The Lakeside Collection Garden Angels with Solar Halos Praying

The Lakeside Collection Garden Angels

As the name suggests the product comes from the renowned brand and is one of the most purchased angel statues so far.

  • This gorgeous angel statue adds an extra layer of beauty to your garden, which brings your happiness with its pleasant appearance.
  • The statue comes with the automatic lights which light up the angel with its solar mode.
  • The Angel statue is made of Cold cast ceramic and is mark the durability.
  • The manufacturer has incorporated four durable LED lights on its halo.
  • Add grace, charm, and beauty to your outdoor garden by purchasing this lighted statue.
  • Really a sensible way to welcome your friends & neighbors.

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9. Design Toscano Ascending Angel Sculpture – Medium

Design Toscano Ascending Angel Sculpture

The Ascending Angel sculpture from the Design Toscano is an exclusive product of this brand, which is well known for its appealing angel sculpture and historical statue.

  • The angel looks up, slide its face and with one hand on its neck.
  • using crushed stone bonded with quality resin material thus ensures durability and resistivity. Manually hand painted sculpture adds a touch of traditions.
  • Pretty angel would get you whatever you need. Stay blessed with this gorgeous angel.
  • Design Toscano designed the statue with great attention to draw other’s attention.
  • It weighs around 8.69 pounds and holds 5-star ratings in the top online shopping sites.

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10. Moonrays 92367 Serene Angel Garden Statue with Crackle Globe & Solar Powered White Ledstone

Moonrays 92367 Serene Angel Garden Statue

The adorable statue will bring you happiness with its unique features and pleasant appearance no matter where you are.

  • The statue comes with the light sensor and automatic charging mode, which enables it to run continually.
  • No candles or cords or required as the presence of solar cells in the statue charges by day and emits glow at dark.
  • Perfect for shipping as it weighs 1.65 pounds and costs around 14 dollars.
  • Present the beautiful statue for wedding & birthday anniversary and leave your loved ones mesmerized.

Would you choose any of the above angel statues? Of course, I do as it makes a big impression at the entrance of my home.

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Garden Angel Statue Buying Guide – What To Look For?

A garden with an angel statue placed at the right spot gives an unique look to the entire garden and this is the main reason why most of the people consider placing one in their garden. However, since the past few years the demand for the garden angel statues have increased and this, in turn, has to lead to an increase in the number of models available on the market today. This makes choosing the right garden angel statue from the market, not an easy task; here is a list of factors that could help you choose the best garden angel statue from the market today.

Size of the statue – A garden angel statue could come in any size; the size here denotes the overall dimension of the garden angel statue. Yes, there are different garden angel statues available on the market that comes with different height and width. Imagine you end up purchasing a garden angel statue of large overall dimensions for a comparatively small garden. You understand that would be annoying right. This is why we recommend that before purchasing a garden angel statue you will have to consider the garden size and then select the statue based on the garden area.

Type of material used to make the statue – As the demand for the garden statue has increased over the years, the demand for more durable, stylish, long lasting, and different finishing garden angel statues have also increased. The different brands or manufacturers have so far met the demand by flooding the market with diverse garden angel statues.

  • Concrete or marble stone – A garden angel statue made of marble or concrete is one of the most durable and most commonly used statues in the world today. Unlike most of the products, this type of garden angel statues requires almost no periodic maintenance and even if it came down to maintenance it is easy because all you need is mild soap water and a scrubber.
  • Cast iron or bronze – Cast iron or bronze made statues are durable to an extent but not, as durable as, marble or concrete statues. However, the overall beauty of the statues is unique and it is easy to clean. But, this type of statues come with a greater disadvantage, the material could rust or lose the color and finishing if exposed to extreme weather for a long time. Yet another disadvantage is that if you need a large overall dimension garden statue then it would require special base design and additional fittings on the base.
  • Resin or plastic – Let us start by warning you, we do not recommend all resin or plastic made garden angel statues, but, only those resin or heavy duty plastic made garden angel statues that are designed and labeled for outdoor use. Yes, statues designed and labeled for such specific use lasts long and is durable, yet another great thing about such statues is that they come with features that are more detailed.
  • On the other hand, however neatly and perfectly designed we recommend that you avoid purchasing resin made statues, as they are not weather and water resistant.
  • Wood or plaster of Paris – A garden angel statue made of plaster of Paris or wood is good, but if exposed to constant humidity and heat for a long time it could wrap and break easily. So, however, guaranteed the product comes and whichever brand it comes from, we recommend that you avoid this type of garden angel statues.

Style – While a garden angel statue is all about the angel figure and the ambiance it provides to the garden, the statue comes in different styles and designs. It could come designed for a modern style garden, or in a classic style. Therefore, the best way for selecting the statue is first analyzing what style would look good in your garden and then searching the market for the best product.

When it comes to selecting the best garden angel statue, it is all about getting a matching, appropriate sized, durable, and long lasting product. The three factors listed above will help you get the best from the diverse statue market today.

If you want to raise the appeal and give a touch of elegance to your garden, just make sure that you have own angel statue in your home.


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