It’s hard to notice how much water is being used since everything is happily absorbed by the plants. As it turns out, different hoses use up different amounts of water. There are a couple of factors which affects water usage, there’s even an alternative that may be usable for your garden. 

Intrigued? Read on to learn more about it. 

Average Water Usage

If we take a big guess, most people use up around 9 gallons up to 17 gallons of water per minute watering their garden. 

This may vary, it all depends on the diameter, water pressure, and hose length. Which we are going to get into soon. There are hoses which are 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch and so on. Length wise there are 100 feet, 50 feet, and more. To get a basic understanding, know that if you keep the same water pressure at your spigot on a longer hose you will use up less water. 

Factors Affecting Water Usage

These are also the factors you want to consider before purchasing a hose. If you already have a hose, check these points in order to properly calculate your water usage.

Personalized GPM

Hose Size (in)Hose Supply Pressure (psi)Hose Length (feet)Water Flow Rate (gpm)

Soaker Hose As An Alternative

Have you heard of a soaker hose? Yes, no, maybe?

A soaker hose can help you save:

And it can even result in healthier plants. 

A soaker hose needs to be placed strategically around your garden, the water will seep out of the porous texture of the hose and water your garden steadily. You need to make sure that the plants you own are suitable for this type of watering. 

Unlike a normal hose, with a soaker hose, the longer it is, the more water you are going to be using. As for the amount of water per minute, it depends entirely on your spigot.

It Takes A Lot Of Blue To Stay Green

Well, it might be true it might not. It all comes down to how much water your garden actually needs. Being aware is only the first step of many before knowing what’s best for you, your garden, and the planet. 

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