How Can You Turn Garden Hose Into a Pressure Washer?

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We are pretty sure that you would be having a garden hose but the problem with the garden hose is that it doesn’t generates a high pressure which is enough to clear off the muck. For this type of usage, you usually get pressure washers but not everyone wishes to spend on a pressure washer. Do you know that you can convert your ordinary garden hose into a pressure washer? Well, yes, there is a way to do so and in this article, we have listed the steps that you need to follow to convert your garden hose into a pressure washer.

Let us now look at the process.

Steps to Turn Garden Hose Into a Pressure Washer

garden hose reviews

Before we begin talking about the process, it must be noted that we will be using a fireman type nozzle to achieve our target. Let us now look at the detailed steps

Step 1: The first step is to inspect the existing garden hose. You must inspect the end of the hose which is screwed to the tap and you need to observe the rubber washer. Ensure that the rubber washer is in proper If you notice cracks on the rubber washer then go ahead and change it with a new one.

Step 2: Now since you have inspected the end of the hose, inspect the complete pipe as well. Ensure that there are no cracks and holes anywhere on the pipe. Do not use a very long hose as it reduces the pressure significantly. Have the optimal length so that you are able to reach the space where you wish to use it.

Step 3: Now attach the fireman type nozzle to the other end of the hose. These nozzles are easily available at the hardware shop and they aren’t really very expensive. You can purchase a 250 psi fireman nozzle for this purpose. Once that is done, you are ready with your pressure washer.

You can start using the hose as a pressure washer now and one thing that you need to take care of is that you need to inspect the hose at a regular interval of time.

Also, we recommend using the safety glasses while you are using the pressure washer or when you are using your hose as a pressure washer as this reduces the chances of injury quite significantly.

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