How to Put a Hose on a Hose Reel?

Garden Hose Reel

Garden Hose can be really expensive and the fact is that you might have to spend as much as $100 for a good garden hose. In such a case, you would want it to last long as you have paid a lot of amount for it. The fact is that the life of a garden hose depends on how you store it. If you leave it on the ground in extreme temperature then you can say goodbye to your investment as this will reduce the life of your garden hose easily. The best way to store the garden hose is by using the hose reel as it protects the garden hose from cracks and abrasions.

There are times when you might have to replace the garden hose because it has turned really old and it has developed leakage at several points. If you already have a hose reel then you would be glad to know that you can simply replace the garden hose without touching the hose reel. If you fall in the category of the people who are planning to replace their hose then you would also have to remove it from hose reel. See here our list for the top garden hose reel reviews available on the market.

Steps to remove the hose from the hose reel

Garden Hose Reel

Step 1: Start by disconnecting the hose reel from the spigot. It is required to install a vacuum breaker because of the safety reason. This prevents contaminated water from flowing into the fresh water supply.

Step 2: Once that is done, you can then take your hose reel to a place where it’s easy to drain the water. Start removing the old garden hose from the reel and you will be able to see the water coupling on the drum after the hose is taken out. You will have to uncouple this coupling and you might need a plier for this.

Step 3: Now, take the new garden hose and spread it on the ground and attach the female end of the new hose to the drum. Ensure that the rubber washer is intact or else you might not get a watertight seal.

Step 4: Screw the female end and ensure that the coupling is tight. You can also use a plier to couple the two ends but ensure that you do not use a lot of force or else you will end up damaging the assembly.

Step 5: Once the coupling is done, you can easily wind the new garden hose in the hose reel. Use proper reeling method for this and you would need several clockwise rotations for this depending on the length of the garden hose.

Step 6: If you have an electric hose reel then you just need to press the retract button in order to roll of the garden hose to the hose reel.

Once all this is done, take your hose reel back to the place and attach it to the faucet. Turn on the faucet and just ensure that the connections, as well as couplings, are tight and you are not facing any pressure loss.

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