So you’re at a crossroad and you simply can’t decide. Well, we like to say that there is no impossible decision. You are simply missing all the information to make a reasoned decision. 

Learn more about nozzles and pressure washers before making a purchase. 

What Do You Need It For?

Before choosing which one you’re going to use, we need to ask you a question. What do you want to use it for? 

Pressure washing usually does more harm than good. This is due to the fact that most people are unaware of the pressure they need and the pressure their tools supply. When used correctly, pressure washing will save you time, labor, money, and even the water itself. 

Here are the things that may benefit from proper pressure washing:

Hose Nozzle Function & Benefits

If it seems that you don’t really need a pressure washer, you only need to add a bit of pressure to your water, then the best choice for you would be nozzle. 

To get a higher pressure in your regular garden hose, you can start by using a shorter hose. When a short hose is paired with a high pressure nozzle, you can get:

150 psi – 250 psi

Which is still considered a very low PSI if you compare it with that produced from a pressure washer. 

A benefit of the nozzle is its extremely affordable price. You can expect to spend under $50 for one. Once purchased, you can do mild cleaning outdoors and even clean your car with them. 

If this has been pleasant but not quite what you need, then it seems that you do have to get a pressure washer. 

Pressure Washer Function & Benefits

So you do need a pressure washer? That’s good to know. It’s important to be sure because the pressure washer costs more, they can be upwards of $100. Once you’re certain you need one, you still have to choose between two types of pressure washer:

With a pressure washer you can get around 1.4 gpm up to 3.5 gpm which is significantly lower compared to using a regular hose and nozzle. 

So it looks like the best choice would be an electric pressure washer, unless you’re a professional. 

Getting What You Need

You’re all set now. With enough information it would be wise to make your purchase. If an electric pressure washer is what you need, now all you need to do is find the perfect one for you. 

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