10 Best Robot Lawn Mowers Of 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Robomow RX12 Robotic Lawn Mower

Owning a lawn at the home is one of the most beautiful things with great gratification. People love to sit in their lawns or yards to enjoy a couple of hours or playing with kids. Considering the homes with the lawn in America, a lawn mower seems like the basic thing because almost every second house has a lawn to chill.

It doesn’t matter that how large or small your lawn is, getting the lawn means you have to focus on mowing factors also. If you mow the grass once a week then your lawn will look good and it will be a clean place also. In case, you prefer to contract with local deals to mow and clean then you are most likely to prefer them once a month.

No doubt that contractor charges a good amount of money. However, you can do the whole work on your own. Even, it will be convenient also. Yes, you can go with the robot lawn mowers because they will automatically complete the whole task in quite effective manners. One good thing is, robot mowers are getting cheaper these days so you can prefer them.

There are some small sensors to track nearby objects and avoid hitting them. When you turn on a mower, it will automatically go to the corner and start mowing grass in a pattern that it will not repeat completed location. Such reasons enhance the reliability which can make you prefer robot mowers for small lawns.

Robot Lawn Mowers Product Table

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Reasons to Buy Robot Lawn Mowers

Plenty of reasons are out there to make you prefer the use of lawn mowers. As if doubt stuck in mind and didn’t let you feel comfortable during the purchase then you can get started with the key reasons and learn about plenty of factors with ease.

  • Higher Convenience Rate – After turning on the robot lawn mower, you have to place it in the yard or lawn. It will map out the whole place and then start to cut in an effective manner. So, it will directly enhance the convenience rate and you will love to use it.
  • Effective Mowing – Some people may think that a robot can skip some of the parts or it may stick somewhere but this is false. Robots are effective enough to mow in a short time period and they have enough power to process and mow with ease.
  • Easy to Use – Instead of mapping out the whole garden on your own, just leave the work to robot. There is no need of doing a single thing except turning it on. This will do the whole work with the use of sensors and smart technology. So, these are easy to use and effective enough to rely on.
  • Rear Bag – Cleaning may seem like the poor thing about robot mowers but these days, you can buy robot mowers with the rear bag to collect all the cuttings. It will give you a sign of getting full by some beeps or stopping in between.

These are total of four major factors that can you understand why to prefer a robot lawn mower over the use of any other. Make sure that you stay selective in approach and get the best product to eradicate all the issues.

Best Buy Robot Lawn Mowers Reviews 2019

A number of robot lawn mowers are manufactured by the reputed manufacturers with all the essential features. Saying that all of them are perfect will be wrong because of each one designed to meet the need of the user.

Due to this, we are here to reduce the intense burst by arranging the list of top 10 robot lawn mowers based on their built quality, basic features, additional tweaks and battery capacity factors. Let’s Begin –

1. Husqvarna 430X Robotic Lawn Mower

In the world of automated lawn mowers, Husqvarna 430X Robotic Lawn Mower is the top-notch product for great quality working and all the features installed into this one. It stands out from all due to effective working and reliability. But, there is much more to know about.

There is GPS navigator who will make it work perfectly without doing any guess about the upcoming stuff.  You just have to program the boundary of the lawn as if it is too large then it will automatically return at starting position which makes it competitive in all kind.

  • Map the boundary and it will not surpass that in any case.
  • It can work in 34,000 square feet without any trouble.
  • Quick charge makes it get fully charged in 65 minutes.
  • Doesn’t make much noise as it causes 57 DB sound.

As you look at the working with a super effective mowing feature then there is no problem with the product. You can turn it on weekends and get the grass mowed without making any efforts. Even, the ability to connect with smartphone eases up the work.

Such features help you spend more time on work or relaxation instead of working on a farm that’s why you can rely on this product. The only issue we think about the product is its price tag because this product comes at a premium price point.

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2. WORX WG794 Landroid Pre-Programmed Robotic Lawn Mower

  • It comes fully programmed and ready to use for all the cases.
  • Plenty of sensors to choose the right path and offering the perfect mowing.
  • The speed of blades is 2800 RPM for the effective use with ease.
  • It also has some shock proof bumpers to provide great working.

When it comes to the premium lawn mowers, you can find plenty of products available in the market. The great built quality is always the primary feature and if you want something pre-programmed to work without any remote then this one is better to prefer and it is reliable also.

No doubt in the fact that everyone focusses on the purchase of a premium design but most of the people are not going to get it due to the expensive price point but, you can find that this one is quite cheaper for the same. WORX has a great reputation in the market that’s why you can prefer them without any issue.

Apart from all these factors, the suitability with height, mowing blades sizes deck, and a few other factors play an important role. You can go for the built quality and design to find out the best in all kind.

If you are willing to get a great deal for an affordable price then this one is not the right choice for you. However, there are plenty of features which can let you understand why this one is best and why should you prefer it.

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3. McCulloch ROB 1000 Robotic Lawn Mower

  • The robotic mower is easy to install that’s why you can find it helpful.
  • Comes in different variants as per the battery capacity and design.
  • ROB has all the necessary stuff that you really to install it quickly.
  • It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with one hour of battery backup.

Built quality is one of the necessary factors to consider and if you can afford to go with other designs which are comparatively cheaper and better to prefer then you can go with McCulloch R1000, ROB 1000 Robotic Lawn Mower. This lawn mower is fully automatic with a range of features.

It is easy to install and the mower is pre-programmed that’s why you can go with this one. From cutting grass on the normal ground level to the slopes and corners, it works great and offers effective mowing in the whole garden for sure.

These factors are surely the best one and make it superb design but it has some downsides also. The capacity seems low for the price as it can only cut down 0.25 acres of grass in a single go. This thing can really make you feel frustrated during the use.

Even, there is a loud and audible alarm which can help you prevent theft of robotic lawn mower. No doubt that these machines are easy to steal and sell in a market that’s why this alarm is the most required feature among such products.

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4. Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315 Robotic Mower

As Husqvarna is our top pick for this list, the fourth product is also from the same brand. This thing can ensure that how good this brand is as compared to the other ones. Designed with the same technology as we told about the first product, it got the best in that kind.

The reason we are not choosing this product in the top three because it cost higher and it is designed for a small group of people who want robot lawn for mid-sized lawns. So, people may find it expensive for that choice because there is no use of it in large or small lawns.

  • It has the capacity to mow 1/3rd of an acre in a single go.
  • Lift sensor reduces the chances of facing issues as the blades will automatically stop.
  • Comes with smart navigation built inside for decisions.
  • The charging station is included and the mower automatically returns there.

When it comes to turning off the mower, chances of touching the blades are higher and it can be risky stuff. During the use, you can easily turn off the mower from a distance and the charging station help keeping it reliable for no hectic about battery-related issues.

The only thing which misses at such a high price point is connectivity with the smartphone. This thing can affect the workflow and you may not get what you want out of it. Due to such reasons, you should stay selective and think about all the pros and cons to ease up the selection of the best one.

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5. Robomow RS612 Robotic Lawn Mower

  • Connect with your smartphone using its official app to use the mower.
  • Comes with easy to use features and the installation is also flexible.
  • Even at such high blade speed and power, this one is quite as compared to others.
  • It has the edge mode detection sensors to take turns whenever needed.

A product which can be considered as the value for money is Robomow RS612 Robotic. It is one of the best for its price but we can’t consider it as the top-notch due to missing of few features. There are plenty of basic features included and it is priced for all those.

As some brands charge a higher amount of money on their basic features only, this one has all the necessary one and it gives the ability to connect with a smartphone for perfect use. You can expect great working that’s why it is a great choice for you. The Key facts about this mower are –

One of the common issue with most of cheap robot lawn mower is that they can damage itself due to the collision with the upcoming wall or turns. With this reasonably priced product, you don’t have to worry about such a basic issue. It is precise in edge detection and this thing ensures higher durability of blades.

There is personal PIN code setting features to make it work only by you or your smartphone. The chances of theft of a robot lawn mower are higher due to lightweight design but you won’t have to worry about it due to smart alarm. The size is small, compatible and reliable to go with.

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6. Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawnmower

  • Connect with your smartphone to get all the features under your fingers.
  • Cutting results are totally excellent to fulfill your need in quick time.
  • It can mow in all types of garden, small, medium and large without any issue.
  • Comes with a charging station to get to charging point whenever required.
  • Give notification about any trouble or low battery to keep you updated.

Willing to grab the best in the best product for any price point? Well, our sixth product will suit your need and won’t disappoint you in any manner. All other products are just affordable and effective for normal work. But, Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawnmower is best for a perfect job.

Having such a high price tag (more than one grand) makes it out of most of the people’s budget. But, let’s be honest, having smart connectivity, easy to use, effective working, blade adjustment, smart alarm, personal PIN code, charging station and long battery life is the best thing about it.

These are some of the advanced features that definitely come for a good price point. We are not saying that it worth your money by giving the best because it is going to mow the grass and it is the same as the cheaper product also.

For those, who want the premium stuff in their hands and want never to face any issue with mowing then they can prefer this product without any doubt in mind. Make sure to compare the price on different platforms to grab the best deal for yourself.


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7. Robomow RS622 Robotic Lawn Mower

  • Designed to mow large sized robotic lawn mowers.
  • Connect with your smartphone by downloading the app.
  • Perfectly mow at corners and detect edges in advance.
  • Cover the same area in 10% lesser time other choices.

Larger lawns always require something reliable which can do the whole job in quick time and offer impressive quality mowing also. As you have checked Robomow RS612 Robotic Lawn Mower and it felt so perfect for mid-sized yards but they can’t help when you are going for a larger size.

In such cases, you can look after alternative choices and get rid of many issues with ease. It has smart features like the ability to connect with smartphone and if you want the long battery life with a large deck of blades then this is also perfect in such situations for sure.

Design wise, this product can easily fulfill your need and you can rely on it without a single issue. Keep it in mind that the design is always the primary factor to take into consideration and this one is in the same design as the RS612 but the efficiency is higher than that one that’s why you can rely on it.

People have been talking about this product for quick time response when all these versions were launched. It is sure that each version is dedicated to a different purpose. So, you should check the need because it is only for medium and large sized yards.

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8. Robomow RX12 Robotic Lawn Mower

Robomow is surely a reputed brand and you can understand it by checking that we have featured three products in the list of 10. No doubt that quality is always the primary factor to consider during the purchase and this one has all the features in better build quality.

A single charge of this robotic lawn mower can cover more than 2000 Sq. Feet lawn which isn’t that much but if you look after the effective working then you can find it reliable. This one can cover small and mid-sized robotic lawns without a single issue that’s why you can find it handy to use.

  • Battery capacity is good enough to last from 90 minutes to 120 in a single charge.
  • Comes with the base charging station to return the right place after mowing.
  • It has a lead acid battery to power the machine without a single issue.
  • The manufacturer is offering one year of warranty on the purchase of this lawn mower.

It is sure that quality is always the primary factor to take into consideration and if you want the best deal then you have to consider the price also. So, this robotic lawn mower is coming at a reasonable price point with all the required features to help you ease up the work.

Apart from all the major factors, it has a simple look and it can cover 2000 sq feet in a single go. The only issue tackled with this product is about no alarm feature in such a premium product. So, it won’t play any theft alarm as if someone tries to steal and running right after.

9. Redback Power USA 107330

Redback Power USA is one of the good looking lawnmowers that we missed in the beginning but we found this in amazon’s choices. After trying Redback Power USA | 107330, we loved the fact that it is an easy to use the product with all the basic features implemented inside a single unit.

Apart from it, the built quality is absolutely mesmerizing with additional features like as speed working, easy to use, great built, smart connectivity and effective deck with large blades. These reasons can put you in the confusion that which one to buy but we have some quick factors to help you out.

  • Built quality is absolute beauty as you get a great in-hand feeling with the use.
  • Versatile choice and it has flexible bumpers to keep the mower safe from collision.
  • Plenty of sensors implemented to give the right direction to this electric mower for safe use.
  • Battery operated and it has a large enough battery to last for an hour and more.

These factors can help you understand why this product is better over the purchase of any other. Keep it in mind that the built quality and design is not the primary choice among everyone. Most of the people are here to find competitive products in the budget.

Apart from all these factors, you can look after reviews because there are few people having an issue with the built quality. Considering reviews and checking out this product in detail will help you grab the right deal with ease.

10. HY HUAYU Landscaping Intelligent Automatic Mowing Robot

  • It has a charging station to make everything convenient.
  • Design is super simple with no working on extra funky.
  • Comes with the one year of warranty on an electrical fault.

Our last suggestions for the next product is from HY HUAYU. This product comes at an expensive price point which makes it hard to approach otherwise we loved all the factors. This machine with charging dock or charging station so that it can automatically charge without the help of the user.

You can preplan this automatic mowing robot and then everything is done after that. Make sure that you stay selective with the features and built quality to eradicate all the issues with ease. Even, considering the price and comparing with other products will help you.

Apart from these factors, battery life is also making this product reliable over the purchase of any other. You can find plenty of deals to check out but this one is perfect in all manners that’s why you can go with this one.

In case of having any trouble with the product, you are stuck because the after-sale services are slow due to the lesser availability of their technician in the USA. So, you should think twice before going with this product in the future.

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How to Choose the Best?

As there are a number of products available in the market, you can sort out the right one by looking at these factors –

Pre-planned or Sensors – There is two types of robot lawn mowers, the first type is preplanned which require you to map out everything whereas you can grab sensor robot lawn mowers. They are fully automatic and GPS based to work in the field.

Battery Life – Having a robot mower which can easily cut grass in 2000 sq. Feet is reliable to use over the other ones. Make sure that you check out battery life or capacity to ensure the safe use. A product with 90 minutes of battery life is perfect in all the manners.

Built Quality – Always ensure that you go with the products which are highly durable and made up of premium quality material. Going with expensive products doesn’t mean the best-built quality because they may be expensive due to smart features that’s why to check this feature.

After sale services – It is the last major factor and you can ensure premium after sale services on the bases on positive reviews. Due to this reason, you should check out the reviews in advance.

These are the top four major factors to check. Make sure to look after blade size, smart sensors and smartphone connectivity features.

In addition to this, considering the size of a lawn mower with a charging station is necessary to eradicate all the issues with ease.

Bottom Line
Considering our mentioned products and then focusing on your needs will ensure you that which products fit the best in your budget. Going with reputed brands can help you grab better after-sale services whereas it is not possible with the cheap brands.

In addition to this, always go for the brands which are offering great customer services in your town. Hope, this post will let you go well and never let you face any issue in the future.

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