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Gardening Stuffs is a lawn and gardening blog which is a one-stop shop for gardening tools, tips, reviews, information, and buying guide. We are here to help households and gardeners to pick the best gardening tools to meet their needs. When searching the web, we sometimes have trouble in finding the type of reviews we desire. There are some sites where you can find gardening reviews and information for professional contractors, but there is still lack of centralized, high-quality location to find reviews for garden and lawn tools. So, here we are – find everything you want to know related to gardening tools and products, all in a convenient website.

Our Team

We have excellent and dedicated team of reviewers who write reviews on the basis of their own experience with product. If we haven’t use a tool or product, we don’t post a review on it. We are well known for honest reviews. Most of our writers have great experience in arboriculture, horticulture, gardening and landscape maintenance. No matter what experience they have, they all are, at the end, are homeowners, striving to create fun and enjoyable landscapes.

What we do?

Gardening is an endless movement. Around 35% of all homeowners (around 42 million) are engaged in some kind of gardening. People understand great sense of serenity and sustainability which is related to gardening – no matter you are growing a few pots of herbs on your balcony or you have acres of English garden.

If you have read some of our reviews, we would love. We review the gardening tools in a different manner. Rather than just another blog feed, we always try to be little more organized. After all, we are garden geeks. In this sense, we strive to be as objective as we can. We present what we have found from the point of view of a homeowner (instead of relying on our own preferences).

We don’t test the composition, strength, power output, geometry, etc. of the tools reviewed by us. Instead we see the tools on the basis of how homeowners are going to use them in day to day life.

We will tell whether a tool will hold up to your daily use? Is it user-friendly or you need a complete manual to get started? Is it easy for every type of gardener? Will it provide value for money? Does it serve what it claims to be?

How do we do it?

When we get a product from the manufacturer for a free trial, we always write only unbiased, honest review. If we are not okay with any product, we just send it back. A company cannot pay for good review and we also don’t get paid for reviews. In each review, we add the source of all tools.

We are pleased to try a lot of new tools before they even come to the market. We also help companies on the phase of product development. All in all, this blog is just for our readers (you). We hope it would help you pick the best gardening and lawn tools to meet your needs.