Best Lawn Insecticides Compared & Reviewed 2024

A healthy lawn may fall victim to insect infestation, especially during autumn months. Insects can wreck your lawn by attacking the grassroots or encouraging predators like birds to your lawn. This is not an abnormal occurrence. That’s why there are insecticides in the market to help you fight these infestations. 

A beautiful well-trimmed, manicured lawn is the most pleasing area of your home. But it’s also the best place for all types of bugs and insects to grow in. When the lawn is infested by tiny crawling pests, to sting you at any moment, your peace can soon be turned into a nightmare. The most important way to deal with such insects is by finding the best lawn insect killer.

Overview of Our Top Choice:

Wondercide Natural Lawn Insecticide is our best pick.

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Types Of Lawn Insect Killers

Granules & Powder

These types of insecticides are applied to the affected areas either by spooning or using a lawn spreader. They are packed in bags that have an outlet to pour out insecticides. The good thing about this insecticide is that you don’t directly come into contact with the chemicals that can be harmful to humans when poorly handled.


Spray insecticide must be mixed with water before spraying. It comes in a concentrated form that has to be diluted. All spray insecticides have instruction manuals that entail guidelines on how to use these insecticides.

It’s essential not to use spray insecticides for indoor purposes as they pose a threat to people. Surprisingly, one of the most effective and most robust insecticides is long-lasting, nontoxic, and the safest for use. Spray insecticides don’t have to be toxic to be functional.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Lawn Insecticide

Safety measures

You need to ask yourself the level of toxicity in the insecticide. With this mind, you can determine how mobile it is and the implication it has on the environment, air, and water. 

Consider the environmental hazards listed on the label. You should also check how harmful it is if it comes into direct contact with humans or pets. The best lawn insecticide should be mild to the environment and tough on lawn parasites.

Species specificity

There are beneficial microbes in the soil, and the least you would like to do is to harm them. For this reason, get an insecticide with less or no potential to kill or harm these beneficial species along with the pests. In case you purchase an insecticide that does not put this into consideration, you should do a spot treatment on your lawn.


There is no point in purchasing an insecticide that cannot be effective. Choose one that works best for your problem. Make sure to consult from other users which one works best; that way, you can save money as you buy the best.


Some insecticides have hazardous particles that can be absorbed by the lungs into the bloodstream rapidly. Baring this in mind, choose one with the mild smell because some have odor while others don’t. However, not all insecticides with smell are harmful but always avoid direct smelling.


Some insecticides dissolve in water while others don’t. High water-soluble pesticides are more susceptible to leaching. So it’s advisable to get those that won’t dissolve in water as they can remain active for long. Additionally, when it rains, it is hard for the chemicals to be washed away.

Treatment area

You should consider if the area is sloppy and near a weak stream. You don’t want to get all the chemicals going down the stream. The location will play a vital role in decreasing the chances of pollution to the environment.

Additionally, you can view this in terms of how large or small your area of treatment is. It’s essential to go for an insecticide that covers a large area. It should also be reusable so that you can store appropriately for the next treatment. 

The Best Lawn Insecticide Reviewed

1.  EcoGarden Organic Pesticide

EcoGarden Organic Pesticide is best because it incorporates most of the natural and organic ingredients. It’s swift and effective in killing the conventional lawn pests above and below the ground. It can take less than 24 hours to treat your loan and bring long-lasting effects.

This insecticide is safe for children and pets but ensure that it’s completely dry before you let your children near because the chemicals may cause allergic reactions. EcoGarden Organic Pesticide comes ready to spray; therefore saves you time to prepare for use. 

It prevents insect infestation for up to 3 months and kills both surface and soil insects. Treats a large area killing most of the lawn pests through contact. This pesticide can be used on garden vegetables, herbs, spices, fruits, and berries.


  • Works extremely fast
  • Safe to both humans and pets
  • Made of organic ingredients
  • Works properly both above and under the soil surface
  • Long-lasting as it repels insects for long
  • Leaves no remains or residue


  • Contains chemicals so one should patch test first
  • Toxic if ingested
  • May not be enough if you have a larger garden

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2.  Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer

Spectracide Triazicide Insecticide is one of the best insect killers in the market. This is a highly powerful insecticide that is safe to use in your gardens, orchards, shrubs, or even yards. But if ingested by small children, it’s profoundly harmful. Care also should be taken to prevent this insecticide from seeping into open waters as it can cause a lot of harm.

It helps in killing most insects both above and below the soil surface. The use of this insecticide is easy and fast-acting to tame lawn and landscape invaders with incredible punishing power. Don’t worry about large quantities of pest’s o your lawn as this insecticide kills u to 100 types of insects damaging your lawn.

The best thing about this insecticide is that its formula provides long-season killing of lawn-damaging insects. You should apply this treatment when the grass is dry and then immediately water the lawn after application. A 20-pound bag can cover up to 25000 square feet of lawn. Therefore, its use is ideal for large spaces. 


  • Can be used above or below the ground
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Can be used in lawns gardens and even in houses
  • Kills insects it comes in contact with instantly


  • It requires heavy spreading for maximum effectiveness

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3.  Wondercide Natural Lawn Insecticide

Wondercide Natural Lawn Insecticide kills most of the insects, both crawling and flying, that lies on your grass. It is ready to use an insect repellant that keeps your pets and children safe from insects. You can also use it as an alternative for conventional pesticide sprays, zappers, or foggers.

This insecticide offers maximum safety as its safe for your pets and children because, after application, you don’t have to wait so long for the treatment to dry up. The treatment is mild on children and your home best yet tough on disturbing insects on your lawn. To spray, you can attach it to a garden hose directly and enjoy your stay. 

Wondercide Natural Lawn Insecticide can be used on large scale gardens as it treats up to 5,000 square feet. It’s also good to note that the application coverage depends on the pressure of the water and walking speed. With high pressure, it’s easy to reach and cover larger areas.

One advantage this insecticide has over others is that it has no harsh chemicals or artificial colors or fragrance. 

Your health is, therefore, put into consideration. Some insecticides have strong smells and are harmful to human contact. Apart from killing lawn-disturbing insects, it’s beneficial to bees and butterflies thanks to the cedar oil ingredient. So you can be sure to keep beautiful butterflies and bees near your home.


  • Its non-biodegradable therefore has low chances of causing environmental pollution
  • It’s ready to use insecticide and hence saves you preparation time as well as any effects that may be caused by poor mixing
  • Its efficiency ensures that it keeps away all the insects that sting and disturb your peace
  • Easy to use and does not entail any harmful chemicals therefore safe around pets and children


  • Some customers complain about the concentration and find a need to dilute before use

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4.  Bonide Products 60318 Lawn Insecticide

Bonide Products 60318 Lawn Insecticide is effective. It only requires one application to control insects, both underground and above the soil surface. Expect fast results and insect repelling when using this insecticide. It offers long-term service, especially in the control of grubs, fleas moles, weevils, and other insects on your grass.

Additionally, it guarantees full protection from top to bottom protection of your lawn from the disturbing insects and flies. Safe for small scale land and 6lbs can treat up to 5000 square feet. This is a natural insecticide; therefore, there are low chances that insects grow fond of the pesticide. 

They tend to be more effective even with a single spread, and they last for long without the need for reapplication. Bonide Products 60318 Lawn Insecticide is further environmentally friendly, and your lawn is more likely to go green with the absence of the pests. In addition to this, it is healthier in that it’s safe for your pets and children.  

Apart from protecting your lawn from unwanted insects, it also improves the quality of the soils.


  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It kills a wide variety of insects
  • Works effectively
  • It helps to improve the quality of the soil


  • It is expensive
  • It is a natural insecticide that requires you to have more knowledge to use them properly

5.  Scotts GrubEx1 Lawn Insecticide

Scotts GrubEx1 Lawn Insecticide is exceptionally effective. For instance, one application in spring guarantees grub’s prevention for 4 months nonstop. It promotes the growth of stronger lawn roots by preventing the root damages caused by insects. This insecticide prevents the deterioration of turfgrass by killing grubs before they are fully grown.

You should be careful when using and storing since it is harmful to children if poorly handled. Additionally, it kills 25% more grub types before they can destroy your lawn. The application is straightforward, and you only require to use the available instruction manual for the same. To activate this insecticide after application, you should water it thoroughly. 

Scotts GrubEx1 Lawn Insecticide is mild on the soils bacteria and beneficial microbe, which makes then to help your lawn thrive. It’s further harmless to earthworms and helps in the movement of water and nutrients into the soils, making them more available to your grass.


  • A single application kills and prevents unwanted grubs for 4 months; therefore, its time saving
  • Prevents the root damage caused by insects
  • When Grubex dries up its safe for people and pets


  • It may not work effectively during spring

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Choosing the best lawn insecticide is always up to you. This is, of course, by putting into consideration various factors. If, for example, your lawn covers small space, you should get an insecticide meant for a small garden. You don’t want to get a surplus that will, in turn, go to waste.

The best insecticide should spare at least 50% of beneficial microbes in the soil and kill all other insects that do not benefit your lawn. Some insecticides end up killing some beneficial microbes. However, It’s a lot better than getting your lawn being eaten completely.

Ideally, you should go for environmentally friendly insecticide because they use very mild chemicals safe for your pets and children. Wondercide Natural Lawn Insecticide is our best pick. It kills all insects non-beneficial to your lawn. It is also time-saving because it’s ready for use upon purchase.

In addition to this, it has no hazardous chemicals that can pose a threat to your grass. Additionally, the absence of toxins makes it safe for your pets. Its Eco-friendliness sums up why we chose it as the best lawn insecticide. That said, the power is in your hands to keep your landscape in line.

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A beautiful well-trimmed, manicured lawn is the most pleasing area of your home. But when the lawn is infested by tiny crawling pests, to sting you at any moment, your peace can soon be turned into a nightmare. The most important way to deal with such insects is by finding the best lawn insect killer.  Learn more about gardening tips @ #GardeningStuffs
In this guide, you'll learn about the different types of lawn insect killer, how to decide on what you need, and see reviews for the best picks.
When the lawn is infested by tiny crawling pests, your peace can soon be turned into a nightmare. The most important way to deal with such insects is by finding the best insect killer for the garden. Read 6 things to consider when buying it. Let’s find out in this article.