Best Fertilizer For Geraniums Reviewed 2020

Geranium is a fragrant iconic garden flower. For a long time, geraniums have been gardeners favorite because they are not only easy to grow, but they produce colorfully, and they emit a lovely scent. It’s also believed that their scent keeps away spiders.

Geraniums grow well in pots but can also be planted in a garden. Geraniums growing in fertile soils require low fertilization requirements. If you decide to fertilize, it is essential to use water-soluble fertilizers once every 4-6 weeks. Do not exaggerate your compost.

Overview of Our Top Choice:

ALGOplus Geranium Fertilizer is our recommended geranium best fertilizer.

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How To Apply Fertilizer On Geraniums

Fertilizing geraniums can be tricky because they require total attention. Geraniums cannot bloom well when over-fertilized. They benefit from slow-release fertilizer that ensures nitrogen leaching does not occur during heavy rains. 

Slow-release fertilizers further ensure steady nitrogen supply to the growing plants. The fertilizing method for indoor and outdoor geraniums is quite distinct, as shown below. 

Fertilizing Indoor Geraniums

Indoor grown geraniums require low fertilizer. Ideally, for new potted geraniums, fertilization is not essential for the first 2-3 months. Therefore, you should pot them in a nutrient-rich soil mix and do not add any fertilizer until the plant is established. Once established, they require fertilization approximately 4-6 weeks in spring and not more than 8 weeks during winter.

Fertilizing Outdoor Geraniums

Outdoor geraniums require completely dry fertilizers. You should apply dry fertilizer at a rate of 2 pounds per 100 square feet of soil, and they must be watered into the land.

Tips For Growing Geraniums

Sunlight provision

Geraniums are sun-loving, and they also love well-ventilated spaces. They should, however, not be exposed to full sun for long. You can leave them for 4-6 hours in the sun, especially during morning hours then give them light shade in the afternoon.

Avoid excess watering

Geraniums can survive longer in dry soil than where the soil is extremely wet. When you overwater them, they either die, or the leaves turn yellowish. Therefore, you should adjust how you water your geraniums depending on how the soil retains water.

Deadhead geraniums

Deadheading refers to the removal of the past blooms, usually by cutting off the bottom of the stem that sustains the flowers. You can also remove the yellow leaves to leave your plant in good shape. 

Protect from pests

Generally, geraniums may be attacked by pests. The most commons pests are caterpillars, aphids, and whiteflies. Apart from the caterpillars that may require you to purchase a pesticide, the other pests can be controlled by using homemade solutions.

Best Fertilizer For Geraniums

1. J R Peters Inc. 51024 Fertilizer

J R Peters Inc. 51024 Fertilizer is water-soluble plant food for flowering plants. It allows the production of more flowers with bright colors on all indoor and outdoor plants. It’s recommended for vegetables and fruits and can be used as a transplant solution.

This fertilizer is designed with pulsating poly sprinkler great for gentle lawn watering. It has an extra-wide base that makes it easy to set and move and also to resist tipping. An adjustable control available allows you to choose the watering distance and coverage angle for your needs.

J R Peters Inc. 51024 Fertilizer also has the right ratio of nutrients to assist the growth of quality plants. Plants can feed through both the roots and the leaves making it efficient to apply. This fertilizer is suitable for all indoor and outdoor plants like geraniums, impatiens, begonias, and marigolds.

The quality of the fertilizer goes beyond making sure it incorporates as many individual nutrients as possible. This plant fertilizer contains a high amount of phosphorus and potassium for vigorous plants.


  • It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants making it efficient to use on your plants.
  • Ensures maximum absorption of nutrients, where plants feed through both the leaves and roots
  • Promotes a more extended flowering period
  • Easy to apply to both indoor and outdoor plants


  • Not compatible with all growing media as it has larger grow rooms.

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2. Voluntary Purchasing Group 10721 Fertilizer

Voluntary Purchasing Group 10721 Fertilizer is highly concentrated plant food for best use on all geraniums, hanging baskets, pansies, patio plants, and ornamentals. It works perfectly when used as a soil drench combined with a foliar spray. It is a water-soluble fertilizer, therefore natural to apply, especially on container plants.

This fertilizer has a high phosphorous concentration, which allows the plant to have extensive root systems that produce an abundance of flowers. It also has an 8-ounce capacity, which requires you to store it correctly to prevent it from going bad.

Voluntary Purchasing Group 10721 Fertilizer helps the plants to acquire the right amount of nutrients ensuring high production and rapid growth. It promotes larger blooming and deep green foliage for the plant. In addition to this, it is available in different sizes; therefore, you can choose one that suits your garden size to avoid wastage.

Voluntary Purchasing Group 10721 Fertilizer also requires less water when fertilizing hence saves you water costs. Available instructions are easy to use for beginners.


  • Promotes the plant’s large blooms and deep green foliage
  • It is water-soluble which makes the available nutrients stronger


  • Runoff by rain results to water pollution
  • It is highly concentrated

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3. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Fertilizer

Miracle-Gro Fertilizer is made of vital nutrients that, when fed, they instantly result in the growth of big beautiful plants than unfed plants. It’s safe to use compost, with a guarantee not to burn plants if used as directed. This fertilizer provides the right nutrients needed for healthy root and stem growth, flower production, and increase the size and amount of fruiting.

Miracle-Gro Fertilizer is a water-soluble fertilizer that reaches the roots of plants easily and quickly. This results in healthy and fast-growing plants that are less prone to withering because of weather and pests.


  • Replaces most nutrients missing in the soil making it effective mean of bolstering and enhancing a health life and longevity of plants
  • Safe for use on all plants if used as directed and works instantly
  • Suitable on all flowers, vegetables, houseplants, roses, and all trees and shrubs
  • Contains all essential nutrients for the growth of the plant
  • Quick and instant spreading
  • Doesn’t burn or damage the plant


  • It has a high level of salt that strips most natural nutrients from the soil
  • Direct contact with the Miracle-Gro endangers the health of humans and pets

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4. Jobes Hanging Baskets Fertilizer Spikes

Jobes Hanging Baskets Fertilizer dissolves slowly supplying nutrients for flower basket plants that’s feeds them for long. Pre-measured to nourish at the roots of the plant. It has no wasteful runoff, no mess hazards, or smell, thus making it ecofriendly.

It ensures a continued supply of nutrients below the soil where active roots are growing. Spikes prevent nutrients from being washed away like surface applied fertilizers.

Jobes Hanging Baskets Fertilizer is ideal for potted or hanging basket plants. It contains a perfect ratio of nutrients essential for flowering and growth of healthy roots and stem. They are available in a waterproof, resealable bag.


  • Easy and safe to use no with fewer mess hazards and waste
  • Slow-release formula enhancing the proper supply of nutrients
  • Ideal for potted or hanging basket plants
  • They are easy to handle and store than bags and large containers.
  • Prevents waste and chemical runoff


  • Burned plants if watering is not even leading to chemicals concentration in one area.
  • Unlimited distribution of nutrients may cause more roots to grow near the spike than in the other parts.

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5. ALGOplus Geranium Fertilizer

ALGOplus Geranium Fertilizer ensures plants absorb enough nutrients starting from their roots supporting proper growth and development of healthy plants. Being water-soluble, mineral-based, they allow sufficient take in of nutrients without any risk of blockage. Complete with vital minerals, well balanced and easily assimilated to enable boosted growth, flower blooming, and richer fruit-earing.

ALGOplus Geranium Fertilizer does not contain any toxic substances that are hazardous to the environment. It also has no particular smell or color, and it conveys trace elements and deposits 12 minerals, and it smoothly dissolves in water. On average, it gives your geraniums a fantastic transformation with just one watering.


  • Easily dissolves in water, distributing nutrients sufficiently
  • Eco-friendly and safe to use
  • No residue smell or color
  • Easy to use on any plants.


  • Requires thorough spraying of solution

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Geraniums may not require as much attention as other flowers; hence you should identify what works for your plants for them to grow healthy. This is by identifying the best fertilizer and ways to use them. Geraniums mostly prefer water-soluble fertilizers that can be easily dissolved in water.

ALGOplus Geranium Fertilizer is our recommended geranium best fertilizer. It is easily absorbed by the plants slowly from the roots, which results in a more robust plant. Having well-balanced nutrients also increases the chances of the plants to thrive.

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Geraniums are not only easy to grow, but they produce colorfully, and they emit a lovely scent. They grow well in pots but can also be planted in a garden. Geraniums growing in fertile soils require low fertilization requirements. Check out the best fertilizer for Geraniums to keep your flowers blooming all summer long. Learn more about gardening tips @ #GardeningStuffs
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