How to Increase the Water Pressure in a Garden Hose?

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If you have a garden hose and if you are not really happy with the pressure that you get at the end of garden hose then you are probably at the right place as in this article, we have listed the steps to increase the water pressure in your garden hose. These steps are quick and easy to follow and you would not have to make additional investments either. The advantage of the increased pressure can vary from decreased efforts to a cleaner area. It depends on what you really wish to use for.

Before we begin talking about the steps involved in increasing the water pressure in a garden hose, we would like to talk about another point. The point is that you need to inspect your hose before you think about increasing the pressure because decreased pressure is often caused by leakages in the hose.

If you notice leakage then it is surely the right time to purchase a new hose, check this garden hose reviews. If the garden hose is in a perfect condition then you can look at the steps listed below.

Steps to Increase the Water Pressure in a Garden Hose

garden hose reviews

Step 1: The first thing to start with is to check the connection of the hose with the faucet. The connection should be tight and the washer in the hose should not have any cracks. This causes leakages which basically translates into a lower pressure.

Step 2: Once you have inspected the connection, you can go ahead and inspect the hose. Ensure that it is not twisted and the hose is not being blocked by anything. This also causes the pressure to lower down as it restricts the flow of the water significantly.

Step 3: You can also add a fireman type hose or a pressure washer to your garden hose. If you choose to get a fireman type hose then you will have to spend less as compared to the second scenario. In addition to this, if you need a lot higher pressure to clean the bricks or driveway then we would recommend you to purchase a pressure washer.

These were the ways to increase the water pressure in your garden hose. However, if you notice that the garden hose has cracks and leaks then you must replace it.

While replacing, you can opt for a larger diameter as this would increase the volume of water delivered significantly.

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