Top 10 Best Garden Stake 2019 Reviews & Buying Guide

Garden stakes are used to support both weak and growing plants. The purpose is to shield the plant from winds and other elements which may damage it. Strong winds can snap branches of weak plants and bend their stems. A strong backbone in the form of a stake prevents this from happening.

Since the garden stakes need to protect the plants, they need to be made of strong materials such as bamboo, hardwood, plastic, etc. Nowadays, steel is also being used to make garden stakes. There is no dearth of garden stakes in the online stores. Different people have different requirements when it comes to garden stakes and the type they want is dependent on various factors such as type of plant, type of soil, wind conditions, etc.

These are some of the top selling garden stakes which have consistently received positive ratings by its users on Amazon and other online stores.

Best Garden Stake Reviews For 2019

1. Ashman Garden Stake

Ashman Garden Stake

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This is a premium quality garden stake which comes in packs of 50 stakes. The main features of the stakes have been mentioned here.

  • These are 6 inch garden stakes.
  • Constructed of 11 gauge galvanized steel.
  • The stakes are rust resistant.
  • They are suitable for supporting herbs, vegetable bulbs, roses and other kinds of flowers. The stakes can also be used for securing perimeters and making boundaries of areas.
  • The sturdy metal construction of the stakes also make them highly suitable for suspending and anchoring chain links, electric wires, chain linking, edging, lighting, plastic and much more.
  • A very sturdy garden stake for outdoor use.

2. Tinguyan Garden Stakes

Tinguyan Garden Stakes

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Tinguyan Garden Stakes are heavy duty garden stakes which come in packs of 25. The main features of the stakes have been listed here.

  • These are 24 inches plastic coated steel stakes. The diameter of each stake is 5/16 inch. The steel stakes are very sturdy in nature.
  • The stakes have sharp points on both the ends for easy insertion into the ground.
  • The stakes are highly resistant against rust.
  • These stakes are ideal for supporting vines, trees, shrubs and climbing plants.
  • The stakes can also be used to support branches with the help of twines.
  • The product has received an average of 4.8 stars on Amazon.

3. SE 9NRC 10 Galvanized Garden Stakes

SE 9NRC 10 Galvanized Garden Stakes

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SE 9NRC 10 are premium quality garden stakes available in sets of 10. The chief characteristics of the stakes are as follows.

  • The length of each stake is 10 ½ inches.
  • The stakes are made of heavy duty galvanized steel which makes them corrosion resistant.
  • The stakes have milled points which enable them to be inserted into even hard soil.
  • Green coloured PVC stoppers help the stakes remain firmly fixed in rocky soil, grass, sand and dirt. The stoppers also have eyelets for hook and rope for anchoring the stakes securely.
  • The stakes are suitable for fixing garden structures and landscape trims.
  • The stakes can also be used for firmly anchoring tents and canopies.
  • The stakes are green in colour.

4. Amagabeli Galvanized Landscape Stakes

Amagabeli Galvanized Landscape Stakes

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These are professional grade garden stakes by Amagabeli. The features of these stakes have been discussed here.

  • 6 inches in length.
  • The stakes are made of 11 gauge professional quality galvanized steel.
  • The steel stakes are highly resistant against rust and very durable.
  • The ends are sharp for easy ground insertion. The thick construction of the stakes impart superior holding power.
  • The stakes can be easily fixed using hands or hammer.
  • Suitable for container gardens, vegetable gardens, bulbs, rose, raised beds, etc. They are also used to hold down several items used in gardens and lawns.
  • Other uses include holding down weed barrier fabric, landscape fabric, ground cover, frost cloth, wire mesh, artificial grass turf, drip irrigation tubing, synthetic turf and many more.
  • Pet fences can also be secured to the ground using these stakes.
  • The width of the stake is adjustable which makes it suited for a plethora of purposes.
  • The stakes come in thick packages which make them durable and easy to store.

5. OuYi Galvanized Landscape Stakes

OuYi Galvanized Landscape Stakes

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These are U shaped heavy duty garden stakes available in packs of 100. The major features of the stakes are as follows.

  • The stakes are 6 inches in length and 3mm in diameter. They have been constructed of 11 gauge stainless steel.
  • The rugged steel construction of the stakes ensure that they do not get bent when inserted into the hard ground.
  • The stakes have sharp beveled ends which make them easier to insert into the ground with minimum force.
  • Premium hot dip galvanizing is used for the stakes to impart a thicker coating as compared to electro galvanization. This ensures that the stakes have a very high level of anti rust performance and are reusable for many years.
  • The stakes have multiple uses in vegetable gardens, herb gardens, rose gardens, container gardens, square foot gardens, etc.
  • The stakes are also useful in securing perimeter fences and boundaries to prevent animals from digging them up.

6. Growneer Heavy Duty Garden Stakes

Growneer Heavy Duty Garden Stakes

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Robustly constructed garden stakes by Growneer comes in packs of 50. The various features of the stakes are as follows.

  • 12 inch long garden stakes made of gauge 11 stainless steel. The heavy construction and the professional quality steel makes them immensely strong.
  • The sharp clean angled cuts at the end enables the stakes to penetrate the ground easily and get firmly secured in the ground.
  • By virtue of the sharp ends, the stakes are able to bore into hard soil, erosion control barrier, weed mat and plastic sheet easily.
  • 12 inch length of the stakes make them well suited for securing dog fencing and garden edging.
  • The stakes have a trapezoidal design to exert more tension in the soil for more secure hold.

7. Royal Imports Wooden Garden Stakes

Royal Imports Wooden Garden Stakes

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High quality wooden stakes by Royal Imports have emerged as one of the best selling garden stakes on Amazon. Let us have a look at some of the important information about these stakes.

  • The stakes measure 12 inches in length.
  • The wooden stakes do not crumble or bend.
  • The stakes have a very smooth finish which makes them comfortable to handle without splintering.
  • The stakes have a pointed end which makes them easy to insert into soil and other things.
  • The stakes are can be used to support growing plants, replacing weak stems and increasing the length of short stems of flowers and plants.
  • Special green dye which permanently sticks to the stakes is used to colour them. Thus, the stakes neither colour the water nor do they soil the hands.
  • Waterproof nature of the stakes makes them well suited for use in floral arrangement, gardens having water and other projects where water is involved.
  • Bamboo is used to make the stakes.

8. My Sit Galvanized Garden Stakes

My Sit Galvanized Garden Stakes

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Heavy duty stakes available in packs of 50. The major features of the stakes are as follows.

  • 6 inches long stakes made of 11 gauge steel. Diameter is 3mm.
  • The robust steel construction means that there is no risk of the stakes getting bent when inserted into hard ground or lawn.
  • Galvanized steel means that the stakes are highly resistant against rust.
  • Sharp beveled ends of the stakes makes them easier to be inserted into the ground with minimum efforts.
  • Can be used as a strong anchor for weed barrier, landscape fabric, succulent raising bed, tomato garden, rose garden, lawn seed mat, sprinkler hose, pet dog fences, tarps and much more.

9. Gray Bunny GB-6871A Garden Stakes

Gray Bunny GB-6871A Garden Stakes

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Premium quality steel stakes used for a plethora of purposes. Comes in packs of 50. Other features of the stakes are as follows.

  • 6 inches long stakes made of 11 gauge hard steel
  • Galvanized steel with a thick coating which provides excellent protection against rust.
  • Sharp tipped ends which drive the stakes deep into the ground. The strong steel construction prevents bending.
  • The stakes firmly secure items against winds and other elements.
  • The stakes are ideal for anchoring a plethora of gardening fabrics such as lawn seed mats, grass erosion control mats and tarps
  • The stakes can also be used for securing artificial grass, mulch rolls, chain link fences and dog fences.

10. Essential Tools Galvanized Stakes

Essential Tools Galvanized Stakes

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Galvanized steel stakes by ET come in packs of 30. The details have been mentioned here.

  • The stakes are 9 inches in length and 4mm in diameter. Each stake has a hook measuring 1 inch for attaching ropes.
  • Made of heavy duty steel.
  • Galvanized finish for protection against rust.
  • The stakes have multiple uses such as anchoring plants, garden fabrics, twin cloches and other items used in gardens.
  • The stakes can also be carried on camping trips for anchoring tents, canopies and tarpaulins.
  • Strong and durable stakes due to high quality steel construction.
  • Average of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

Garden stakes Buying Guide – What to look for?

Even before the specific term garden stake came into use, people used stakes to support plants growth. If you are a person who is planning to grow some climbing plants, then purchasing the best suitable garden stake is very important as without stake the growth of the climbing plant cannot be promoted. Here is a buying guide that could help you select the best garden stakes today from the market.

Material – A garden stake, in the beginning, was natural, people used to provide branches of trees as a stake for plants. However, branches and most of the natural material rot after a few years of use and this is why there is new material with which stakes are made.

  1. Plastic – Plastic garden stakes are known to be the most durable and long lasting garden stake available today. However, we live in an era that is trying to reduce the use of plastic, if you are not concerned about it and if you need a long lasting and durable stake, then go for a plastic stake. Yet another advantage of the plastic garden stake is that they are cheap and available in different design and style.
  2. Metal – Garden stake are also available made of metals, the metal could be aluminum, steel, galvanized steel etc. It is totally up to the user on which type of metal made garden stake has to be purchased. However, remember that metal garden stakes comparatively cost more than plastic garden stakes.
  3. Natural materials – Like the traditional ways, garden stakes made of bamboo, walnut wood, and other natural materials is still available on the market. However, unlike old days, these natural materials would be premium quality and would have undergone processes that will make then durable and long lasting.

Design and style – As mentioned above garden stakes could come made of any material, however, except the wooden garden stake all the other garden stake could come in a different style or design. It do not mean that wooden garden stakes does not come with any design or if they are not attractive. It simply means that wooden garden stakes do not come in such diverse design and style as other material made garden stakes.

In the beginning, most people used garden stakes for supporting the growth of climbing plants, but today a majority of the people considers purchasing a garden stake for both style and for supporting the plants. If you are such a person, never rush to finalize a product, remember there would always be a garden stake in design or style that could satisfy your requirement.

Bundle – While purchasing a garden stake always make sure that you are selecting a product that comes in a pack of more than 3 or 4 garden stakes. We recommend that you avoid purchasing products that come with just a single piece of a garden stake; such single pieces could be expensive when compared to bundled products.

Now, you know almost everything about how to select a garden stake from the market, but remember, different plants require different conditions and different type of garden stake.


The above mentioned stakes are made using the best designs and materials. Their functions are not limited to supporting plants but encompass a whole range of purposes.

The list certainly gives an idea about the garden stakes which people are appreciating at large.