How to Build a Hose Reel?

Garden Hose Reel

You can use your garden hose for years if you store it properly. The usable life totally depends on the way you store your hose. It is not recommended to leave it on the ground with twists as this causes cracks in the hose which eventually develops into a leakage. It is always better to use a hose reel to store your hose as this increases the life significantly and at the same time, it also makes it easy for you to store the hose.

In this article, we have listed the process to build a hose reel. This way, you won’t have to spend money on purchasing one from the market.

Steps to Build a Hose Reel

Garden Hose Reel

Step 1: Star the process of placing the piece of wood between two vices. Once you do that, go ahead and mark the centre on this piece of wood. Ensure that the measurement is accurate.

Step 2: Get a scroll saw and with help of this scroll saw, cut a circle of 2 inches at the center of the wood that you marked in the above step. You will have to repeat this process for the second part of the wood as well.

Step 3: Get a PVC pipe and spread a thin layer of epoxy on the outside of the PVC pipe. You can use a brush to do this. Once you have done this, insert the side into the hole in the wood.

Step 4: Once the epoxy dries, do this with the other end as well. By end of this step, you will have a PVC pipe attached to the two pieces of wood. While pasting, you need to ensure that both the pieces are parallel to each other.

Step 5: Now, put this structure on the ground in a way that the wooden side is on the ground and the PVC pipe is perpendicular to the ground. Once this is done, you would need to drill a hole in the pipe near the ground.

Step 6: Get a J hook and screw it in the hole in PVC pipe that you drilled in the above step.

Step 7: Near the water supply, dig a small hole in the ground. The depth of this hole should be 10 to 12 inches. You will now have to insert the dowel in the hole that you dug. Put pressure and dirt in this hole to make it stable

Step 8: Now, put the remaining part of the PVC pipe on the dowel and slide the structure on the dowel. Ensure that the J hook is facing the side above. Also, connect your hose to the faucet and slide the other part of the hook over the J hook on PVC Pipe.

Step 9: In the last step, you can just wrap the hose. Start from the bottom side and go upwards as this will make it easy to unwrap the hose as well.

This was the complete process to build a hose reel. If you are not comfortable with this DIY project then go ahead and purchase a hose reel.

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